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How to Buy Carpet

Performance matters. Your lifestyle will determine the type(s) of performance you require from your carpet – durability, cleanability, appearance or all three. This can be a tough decision but rest assured, your Premier Flooring Center retail sales professional will work closely with you to select the BEST carpet to meet your lifestyle needs & budget.

Learn more about our BEST-BETTER-GOOD carpet.
Your floor is the fifth wall of your home. Adding the right style can be very exciting. Always select the style first, then color within the selected style. There are three basic carpet styles/constructions: Texture, Loop and Pattern.
Texture is characterized by fibers of varying heights that are highly twisted to ensure they stay kinked at the desired levels to create relaxed and casual décor.
Loop construction is achieved with looped fibers tufted into the carpet backing. You can find a wide selection of level to multi-level loops for your desired style.
Patterns are the combination of mixing texture with loops and truly creating endless possibilities for wall to wall, staircases, and custom sized rugs.
Out of sight, out of mind. Yes, it is true that you never see the cushion after it is installed, but your cushion is doing its job especially when spills happen! Your Premier Flooring Center has taken the guess work out of selecting the right cushion. When in doubt, always choose the cushion that is labeled “BEST”. Learn more about BEST- BETTER-GOOD cushion ratings.

When it comes to measuring, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals at your Premier Flooring Center. They will ensure you receive an accurate cost estimate before scheduling an installation. Just another reason why you buy at a Premier Flooring Center store.

How to Buy Hard Surface


The 5 Things to Consider When Buying Flooring:

  1. Is your situation short-term or long term?

  2. Are you replacing flooring for your dream home, selling the home or is it a rental property?

  3. What would you want the floors to look like in 5-10-15 years?

  4. Take basic measurements and add 10% for initial estimate.

  5. What are your top two or three expectations from your flooring?